The novitiate is the time dedicated to progressively initiate the novice to the life of the Sister of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and lead her to a deepening of the aspects of God’s call in her life.


Novices from Cameroon/Madagascar with their Novice directress (2019)


The novice deepens the meaning of her consecration for the mission in all its biblical richness by:

* a climate of personal and community prayer

* the study of the Word of God, read, meditated and shared

* searching for God, contemplated everywhere and in all things

* understanding and practicing the evangelical councils

* deepening her understanding of the spirituality of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

* experiencing the charism received from Angélique Le Sourd.

* the awareness examen and spiritual discernment lived personally and in community.

* a liturgical and sacramental life, and the practice of human and spiritual virtues