Hope for the Earth. Hope for humanity

Laudato Si Week 2023 Laudato Si’ Week is an annual event marking the encyclical’s anniversary and preparing “Time for creation”.  It is an occasion for Catholics throughout the world to gather, share and rejoice in the progress accomplished, giving life to Laudato Si'. It is also a time for recommitting to prayer and action for our common home. This year it is being held from May 21 to 28 with the theme: “Hope for the Earth. Hope for humanity”. Several world events will be held during the…

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RESPONSIBLE ENERGY-EFFICIENT BEHAVIOUR By car: Did you know that the use of cars is responsible for nearly 18% of the greenhouse gases generated in Canada because of the large amount of oil they consume? Since oil is one of the most polluting and environmentally harmful fossil fuels, it is important to use it wisely and sparingly. Buying from stores closer to home and planning our outings so that we don't have to use the car on several occasions will save us time and money. Did you know…


The COP26 – Conference on Climate Change

The 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) is starting October 31, 2021. This meeting is important because: *it will review the commitments of each State (nationally determined contributions) following the Paris accord. 130 countries out of 190 have already made theirs but China, India, Saudi Arabia… are still owing. *they will discuss those issues that were suspended in 2015, notably how “carbon markets” will function (art. 6). The CCFD-Terre solidaire (Catholic Committee Against Hunger and for Development – Earth Solidarity) is running a campaign so…

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