A heart that beats and gives itself totally speaks of the spirituality and theology that energizes the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus ; sparks off their mission.

This mission is related to a love of nearness that marks a certain style of relationship.

” We have been captivated by Christ and from Him we learn to love as He loved, with a love that is near, unconditional, all-embracing, leading to the total gift of one’s life.” (Constitutions n° 18)

A passion for the encounter .

An call comes to us from our societies with mobile frontiers ; a call to a relational work in the course of which nearness alone can save from the anonymity, indifference and insipidity. To be a religious Sister, it is fundamentally to link up persons and link them up to God. It is also answering the christian vocation in being the salt of the earth and putting the taste of God into our human relationships. To live the mission in the way of a heart that makes itself, near, it is therefore to cultivate the art of encounter and let oneself be filled with wonder by those we meet on our way. It is accepting to become “enlighteners ” of The ONE who dwells in us, “transmitters “ towards God.



A community as a place of training for kindness.The community is an essential place for the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. It is a place of renewal for the mission and the first place to practise the charism of tenderness and compassion. It is a chance :

– to learn day after day to welcome the uniqueness of the other.

to simply activate a capacity of presence.

Listening, is not only to be silent, it is to make oneself available to the word of the other, to welcome the change of the other. Being “benevolent” is a ” capacity for an unprejudiced welcome.

A recognition of the dignity of each person.

In a world where it is so easy to treat persons as objects, the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus are convinced of the dignity of each human being, whoever he orshe is, and that dignity is inalienable. One is committed to a solicitude towards the other, which renders the possibility to really enter in the perspective of other. A real nearness that can only be lived in a spirit of a gratuitous nature, without an utilitarian strategy, without seeking a profitability.

A choice of intensity

The availability is not easy to live. It is not in the order of the quantity of meetings as much as the intensity of each moment, to be welcoming . It is to live the present moment in all its content and richness. Availability shapes up through trials and errors and builds itself in the contemplation of the Heart of Christ, who inhabits the eternal present.

” Contemplation of the filial and fraternal Heart of Christ remains the source of a preferential love which seeks the most complete gift of self ” (Constitutions n° 20)

A gaze

In our modern society, the invisibility of certain existences is deeply linked with the blindness of our contemporaries who do not recognized these lives as
able-bodied. Heart and eyes are well truly linked ! To have a heart, for the world, is learning to see each person in the uniqueness of one’s being.

Sometimes there are gazes that bring new hope.

The mission of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus , is to have the sense of highlighting the talents of others, to create some link and entertain a look that makes more attractive and helps to grow.

Sister Anne Chapell, General superior

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