Four youth from Trappes met Pope Francis on January 4th.

Following last summer’s riots, a peace accord was signed by Jewish, Muslim religious leaders and the Trappes parish priest encouraging everyone, especially youth, to reflect and enter into a discussion with their peers.  At the same time, at the initiative of Father Patrice Gaudin, the parish priest of Bondy, the Missionary Fraternity of Cities asked to have a meeting of 12 young Christians from different neighbourhoods with Pope Francis. Four youth from Trappe, accompanied by Father Etienne and Father Vincent, also had the opportunity to meet Pope…

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Regional Assembly in Cameroon

From December 26 (evening) to 28 (noon), we had our Regional assembly. To further their action plans the different commissions had meetings in the days that followed. Theme: “Let yourselves be transformed by the Spirit!” The agenda: Feedback from the Council of Congregation Report from the different commissions touching on the life of the Region with the goal of building a future based on local realities. Pastoral of vocations Formation Internationality Associates Finances Patrimony 3. Implementation of the Orientation of the year for a new missionary and…

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Don’t feel inferior!

“God doesn’t choose only those who are able but enables those he chooses.”  My name is Marie-Madeleine Tremblay, from St Vincent-sur-Oust. I have 3 children and 8 grand children, of which 2 are foster children. I have been a widow for 8 years. I have been involved in different activities:  foster parenting while I raised my own children, and most importantly, my work at the Yves Rocher cosmetic factory for 32 years. Retired for the last several years, I have worked as a secretary for the Peillac…

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“A smile, a gentle word that does both sides good.”

One day, on my way to the post office in St Jacut les Pins, I noticed an elderly couple sitting outside the café "Le Cèdre Bleu". I'd seen them on other occasions but greeted them from a distance. This day, I ventured up to them and asked if they were feeling the cold on this October afternoon. On hearing their reply, I realized that they weren't French; I learned (having lived in England for several years) that they were English, living in the surrounding area of St…

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