While listening to the Gospel reading, Mark 1: 40-45, for the 6th Sunday in Ordinary time, I relived a beautiful story… The beautiful story of Zilembo, the leper Zilembo is part of the history of the Sisters of Poli.  She was attacked by an incurable form of leprosy.  She would come on a regular basis to the community so that the Sister who was a nurse could change her dressings.  The leprosy was eating away at her hands and feet so that little by little she was…

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News from England

Pope Francis in his encyclical Fratelli Tutti describes ‘tenderness’ as “love that draws near and becomes real. A movement that starts from our heart and reaches the eyes, the ears and the hands”. (p. 194) What a great opportunity for us at Naza-reth House to live up to this challenge even as we are experiencing the lockdown once again. We are getting to know the Sisters and Residents better. We listen and chat and laugh with them. Communication with the Sisters and the Residents is very important…

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My Mission at 49 rue Mutchmore

Just finished helping a man in my building to register on-line for a family Doctor.  He said he didn’t have the patience to do it himself.  It is these kinds of things that I find myself doing in the building where I live.  Sometimes it is as simple as picking up a few groceries or changing a light bulb.  Other times it involves doing a bit of pastoral ministry and talking about forgiveness with a man who spent most of his life working on merchant ships.  For…

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Ministry in time of Covid

I work at St. Paul Catholic School and teach students in Grades 6, 7, & 8. When my colleagues and I were planning for online teaching, we reflected on the skills that each of us has. The one with the most knowledge of technology volunteered to set up the learning platform that students would use. I offered to do the Daily Journal and Reflection lessons for our Religion classes. The other colleague offered to assist with teaching teachers how to use different programs. As an educator, my…

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