An experience in the Philippines

The IFRS, where I study in Quezon City, offers us religious education and theology courses with such an organization, that the student can open up to various fields, based on four pillars: contextual, integrative, inclusive and transformational. To help the student situate himself in the realities that the poor and marginalized areas of the Philippines face, and to provide him with the context for his theological studies, the IFRS holds "special days" every year in early August. All students are required to participate in these days. We…

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Interfaith gathering in Paris

20 Christians, 20 Muslims, 20 Jews at the Arab World Institute in Paris     Leaders from 3 communities, Christian, Muslim and Jewish from Agglomération de Saint Quentin in Yvelines, decided to meet the challenge of bringing 20 members from their respective communities to visit together, the magnificent exposition “Jews from the East”. This was a lovely fraternal initiative including a sharing about different periods of our common history, inviting us to build today with a better understanding and experience of each other as friends. Over the…

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In solidarity with our missions

  The Mission Awareness Office of the Archdiocese of San Antonio, TX invited our congregation to participate in the Mission Cooperative Plan. I submitted the application for our new Cameroon Health Center. I was assigned nine parishes: three large parishes in San Antonio, two parishes at the San Antonio Missions and four parishes out-of-town. I contacted the pastors and scheduled parish visits from mid-June to the end of August. Before each Sunday, I prayed to Angélique for protection from Covid since I would be interacting with many…

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Meeting of associates at the Kremlin Bicêtre

Jean-Claude Foubert and Marie-Annick Hervieux, both ASCJ, accompanied by Béatrice Brocard, reference person for SSCJ-France, met with a small group of Friends ASCJ from Kremlin Bicêtre and from Paris, at the Holy Family of Kremlin Parish (Val de Marne). Objectives for the meeting: * get to know each other better, * support and encourage the Kremlin group to continue their mission following the departure of the sisters during the summer, * reflect more broadly on future perspectives for the ASCJ movement in France, * identify what is…

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