Advent – a time of Hope!

A new liturgical year has just begun with the season of Advent. Perhaps this Advent of 2020 will be like no other as we struggle to make sense of a world that has been ravaged and changed dramatically by the Covid 19 pandemic- so much fear, uncertainty, insecurity and anxiety surrounds us. Turbulent and testing times indeed. Yet Advent is a special time- a time of hope, promise, preparation, opportunity but perhaps most of all a time of invitation. What might God’s invitation be to us this…

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Fed by light

Chlorophyll allows light energy to be transformed into glucose from carbon monoxide (CO) and water.  So, in a way, plants are nourished by light.  Human beings are also called to be nourished by light.  And the light has been given to us in Christ.  Christ himself is nourished by the will of his Father, “My food is to do the will of the one who sent me” Jn. 4:34. However, we need to make a real effort to let the light nourish us- because in today’s world…

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The Seventh Jar

There were 6 jars intended for purification in Cana that were almost empty. Six jars. But seven is the number of completeness and perfection. So where is that missing seventh jar to bring everything to completeness. Yes, something is missing in Cana, starting with the wine. The wedding wine has run out. In religious life, we also, at times, have the impression that the joyful wine of new beginnings is starting to run out. It seems that there is no more joy to be had in starting…

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“From distraction to consecration …”

This strange expression comes from Father Adolfo Nicolas, an ex-Father General of the Jesuits. Spontaneously we would say that concentration is the opposite of distraction.  No matter how much we try to concentrate, our thoughts and ideas go in different directions, and in spite of ourselves, our minds are filled with distractions.  We complain about being distracted during prayer.  But aren’t we also distracted in many other areas of our lives, in our work, in our mission? In the end aren’t we all absent minded in the…

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