The miracle of the crib

At the beginning of this New Year, shepherds and wise men live side by side in the cribs of our communities. The miracle of the crib is exactly that: these figures are united in their adoration of the Child Jesus. On one side are the shepherds who had a bad reputation. They were viewed as thieves, liars, people who couldn't be trusted and whose word was not credible. On the other side are the Magi, intellectuals, cultured, men of science, part of the upper class, whose word…

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Wishes for a brand new year

In his latest work, Pope Francis affirms, "Without passionate love for Jesus, a future for consecrated life is not possible."1 Such a vigorous statement propels us forward with enthusiasm into the New Year. I dare propose these three words as wishes for 2019 : passion, love, Jesus. First of all, passion. Pope Francis, a great soccer fan, doesn’t hesitate to compare a consecrated person with a goalie. The goalie has to keep his eye on the ball at all times and isn’t afraid to throw himself in whatever…

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One butterfly at a time

The Plenary Assembly of the International Union of Superiors General (UISG), which took place in May 2019 in Rome, was a time of grace, a true Pentecost of Religious Life.  We were invited to become sowers of prophetic hope, wherever we are.  But how can each one of us go about sowing the seeds of hope? Let us look at three realities from the American continent that might inspire us[1]. When hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, it was not only disastrous for the inhabitants but it also…

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Like seaweed torn from its rock

Like seaweed torn from its rock Have you ever noticed seaweed that gets snagged on a rock at low tide?  Its shape is beautiful and attracts our attention.  But outside of water it seems so dry and withered!  Now, tear the seaweed from its rock and put it back in the water: it will recover its original volume and beauty when put back into its natural element. This is true for many other realities.  Starting with Holy Scripture!  At times, the Bible may seem difficult, dry, confusing… …

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