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This weekend (September 24-25) we met at the Mother House of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in St Jacut les Pins, with the joy of seeing each other again of course and the welcome of 4 new people. The main theme of these days was to rediscover the origins of the Congregation and its international expansion. The visit of the Chapel of La Graë, where Angélique Le Sourd and her first 3 companions left, and a mini scavenger hunt in the park allowed us…

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Welcoming residents from the nursing home in Carentoir

Last September 21st, we had the joy of welcoming, within our walls, a few residents from the long-term care facility in Carentoir.  They also came to meet some of the sisters in our own facility; this was at the initiative of Beatrice who knew them, being that she was their chaplain for several years. They arrived around noon with their facilitators, There were several of us to greet them and keep them company.  We had a picnic together in one of the rooms of the Mother House:…

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Pilgrimage to Pontmain

Thursday, September 8, a bus with 68 persons from the parish community of Bains-sur-Oust, left on pilgrimage to Pontmain (Mayenne) to celebrate the birth of the Virgin Mary. At the beginning of the trip, Sr. Émilienne entrusted our day to the Virgin Mary. “Today, we celebrate the Virgin Mary by going to visit her in Pontmain! She is waiting for us.  We entrust to her all our prayer intentions, plans, joys and difficulties: ours and those that have been confided to us; do not forget our world,…

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