A new record of longevity with the sscj!

Among the sisters on the main floor of Notre Dame de Lourdes, celebration is in the air, and what a celebration it was...! Constance Rouvrais blew out 108 candles, and thereby took the lead on all the other centenarians in the Congregation. In France there is an association that follows them day by day, all the women older than 107 and all the men older than 105. I had a phone call with Mr. Denis Le Fèvre, who is the president of the association, and this is…

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A first for the Mother House

  What initially was an intuition for something in the future at the Mother House has now taken shape with the creation of the position of “Community Assistant”. With the back and forth between reflection time and research carried out by the Congregation with the Province of France, with the help of experts, the criteria for the position were narrowed down. On March 22nd this process came to its completion when Mrs. Brigitte Mercadier was welcomed by Srs. Anne Chapell, Marie-Madeleine Tual , Martine Guichard, treasurer, and…

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Entrance to the Novitiate

On December 8, 2020, there was a celebration at the Sisters of the Sacred Heart in Ngaoundéré in Cameroon. We welcomed four young women to the Novitiate, one from Kenya and the three others from Madagascar. This phase in their journey lays the foundation of Formation because it is meant to gradually initiate young women to the life of a Sister of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. After giving thanks to God for the gift of his call to Monicah, Faniry, Solange, Arlette, with a magnificent song…

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Autumn Feast

On November 12 at the Mother House in St. Jacut les Pins beautiful fall colours have showed up in the dining room along with an enormous pumpkin, adding to a feeling of autumn. What a good idea it was to let everyone admire the beauty of nature before the coming of winter – which also has its share of beauty.          How much do the pumpkins weigh?? Guesses are made as to their weight… Whose guess will come closest? The pumpkin on the first…

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