Regional Assembly in Cameroon

The sisters of the Region of Cameroon gathered for there second annual assembly from April 28 to May 1, 2023. Theme: “The SSCJ Charism taking root and being open” The Region works in commissions, each of the persons in charge is a member of the Broader Regional Council.  They are 6 in number, corresponding to the realities of the entity.  They must address several challenges and perspectives for the future throughout the present mandate of the Regional Council. The assembly was therefore the outcome of work initiated…

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A ‘religious’ and ‘gourmand’ walk around Malestroit

‘Religious' and 'gourmand' = two adjectives that seem hardly appropriate and yet ... this is the challenge launched by the parish of Malestroit to invite people to get to know the three religious communities present in this small city of character. The visit was marked out between the Community of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart, the Brothers of Ploermel and the Augustinian Sisters. At 9:30, the 230 people who had registered for the event came together in the rectory’s courtyard for a cup of coffee and…

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Garage Sale on May 1st

Each year, for about the last ten years, a garage sale is organized on May 1st at the Mother House in Saint Jacut. This year was a great success!  There was a big turnout in the morning thanks to a little help from the local media. Nolwenn Huchet, a journalist with the newspaper, Les Infos des pays de Vilaine, had written a nice article publicizing the event. Then Theo Boche, another young journalist with France Bleue Armorique, discovered this article in his press review, and came to interview…

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Accompanying the end of life

At the end of March, the Associates from France, the Sisters at the Mother House and surroundings, and a few members of the CVX Loire-Atlantique, came together for a time of discovery and personal enrichment on a topic of current interest: Accompanying those at the end of life until their last breath. To help us in our reflection, we benefitted from the competence, humanity and humility of Sister Roxane, Prioress of the Augustinian Monastery at Malestroit and that of Dr. Bécuwe, an oncologist for the Palliative Care…

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