Ecumenical prayer service at Laval

On Friday, March 11, Churches from different denominations came together in the Protestant Evangelical Church for an evening of prayer. The prayer was offered for all the people in the world who suffer from war, which of course includes our brothers and sisters in Ukraine who are directly affected. Different Churches: Protestant, Orthodox, and Catholic.  Father Gérard Poirier, delegated by our Bishop, Monseigneur Thierry Scherrer, led the prayer. The welcome was both simple and fraternal.  The prayer was deeply profound.  It focused on different Bible passages, a…

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Interfaith gathering in Paris

20 Christians, 20 Muslims, 20 Jews at the Arab World Institute in Paris     Leaders from 3 communities, Christian, Muslim and Jewish from Agglomération de Saint Quentin in Yvelines, decided to meet the challenge of bringing 20 members from their respective communities to visit together, the magnificent exposition “Jews from the East”. This was a lovely fraternal initiative including a sharing about different periods of our common history, inviting us to build today with a better understanding and experience of each other as friends. Over the…

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News from Madagascar …continued

To come and visit us in Antsirabe, Menja (yellow T-shirt) spent 7 hours in a bush-taxi; the next day he left in the same way to meet up with Soavina. Menja wants to be a priest, and he needs our support to complete his studies so he can get his diploma. While I give French lessons to the young women spending time in the community, Jacques goes to the prison to give courses to the prisoners, so that they can have a trade when they are released. Eleven…

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News from Madagascar

Hello everyone, “We are doing well. We are touched by your prayers for the victims of the latest disaster in Madagascar. We don’t travel much because the sisters are afraid we will catch Covid. But we have a lot to keep us busy. Jacques is building cupboards and I paint them when they are finished.   We saw the buildings and the new construction project in Ambositra; allowing the sisters to have more space so they can be more comfortable. On Sunday there was a feast for…

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