Joy of being spontaneous!

A lovely improvised gathering was held in the yard that surrounds the main floor of  Our Lady of Lourdes service area at the Mother House in St. Jacut les Pins. It was in a well shaded area, with pleasant weather, service carts that were well loaded for a delicious snack and a large circle of benches, chairs and wheel-chairs so that each sister could find a place around the table. The joy was evident on their faces. The facilitators, Christèle, Natacha and Céline were attentive to each…

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Healthcare Centre in Ngong – Laying the first stone

After the Formation Center for young girls was founded in Ngong * (40 kms distance from Garoua) 10 years ago, the Sisters of the Sacred Heart planned a project to build a healthcare centre.  It will finally see the light of day. The first step was building the water tower.  The day that the first stone was placed is now a reality.  It happened on August 18, 2020.   *On the political level Ngong is a cosmopolitan city: we find the Guidar, Moudang, Toupouri, Daba, Guiziga, Mada,…

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Mariners Residence visits St. Jacut

Valérie (facilitator) and Christophe (health care aid) will go to great lengths to offer leisure activities for a few of the residents at the Mariners Long Term Health Care Facility (EHPAD), which is part of the Redon Hospital Center. Marie-Rose, Michel, Léone and Jeannine very much enjoyed having a picnic on the grounds of the Mother House.  The fresh air increased their appetite. It also was an opportunity for them to discover the community of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Next was the visit…

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Pilgrimage to Our Lady of the Sea

It is surprising! But if you take a map of the area you will search in vain for the seaside! But the river Seine flows into the sea… and all Christians are being invited to converge towards Mary, Star of the Sea! So it is therefore in a peaceful place, far from the commotion of the masses of the suburbs of Paris, where we, as a diocese, joyfully celebrated the feast of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.   After a solemn mass at the church of…

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