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Gathered around Sr. Germaine Provost 

On January 24, 2024!

For quite some time we have been talking about this and finally the day has arrived! It is not every day that we celebrate a 100th birthday at the Mother House. Germaine is in great form, mind you a bit nervous, she doesn’t like being the centre of attention, but for this there is no escape!

During the Eucharist, celebrated by our chaplain, Father Bernard Noyer, and at his request, between the 2 readings we sang the song from her first vows, the song she has prayed every day since her first vows. The celebration continued in the dining hall that was decorated for the occasion. Numerous songs, especially one that spoke of her life, added to the gaiety of the meal. In her own words she expressed how happy she was:

“Thank you, thank you for your smiles, thanks to each one of you. My greatest joy is to make you happy, my soul sings to the Lord, and in my heart, there is only joy! I never regretted saying yes! …  The world needs you, no matter how old you are, no matter what dreams you may have.”

The celebration continued on the 25th during a festive tea held in the 1st floor dining room, this time, in the presence of the mayor, Mr. Guillotin and his assistant, Mrs. Stévant. And so we all, the sisters, enjoyed the festivities that concluded on Saturday the 27th when Germaine celebrated her birthday with her family gathered around her.

Sr. Monique Richard