Celebrating a 100 years!

Gathered around Sr. Germaine Provost  On January 24, 2024! For quite some time we have been talking about this and finally the day has arrived! It is not every day that we celebrate a 100th birthday at the Mother House. Germaine is in great form, mind you a bit nervous, she doesn’t like being the centre of attention, but for this there is no escape! During the Eucharist, celebrated by our chaplain, Father Bernard Noyer, and at his request, between the 2 readings we sang the song…

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Regional Assembly in Madagascar

At the end of December 2023, Sr Roselys (General Councillor) and Sr Dorothée (Regional Superior) gathered all the sisters of the Region of Madagascar in Antsirabe to give them feedback from the Council of Congregation, which was held the last 2 weeks of October 2023 in St Jacut-les-Pins. Reflections on worksheets were done in small groups. Each of the sisters actively participated in these reflections. The objective was to envision the future of our Congregation. After the results from the different workshops were put together, appropriate measures…

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Solidarity Chain for prisoners in Antsirabé prison, Madagascar

Camille, the son of Jocelyne and Yves, saw some medical equipment on the pavement that was still in good condition. He offered it to his parents for the poor in Madagascar.   After consulting Sister Jeanne, who visits prisoners and provides them with comfort and food twice a week, the decision was taken to send to Madagascar a medical bed, wheelchairs, walkers, etc.             After storing the equipment in a room in the home of Jacques and Marie-Annick Hervieux, they delivered it to…

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Take the time to gather a few gems! Joy is made to be shared! Over a few days, as 2023 came to a close and we entered 2024, I received lovely “gifts” from the people I met at St Hélier Clinic’s Occupational Rehabilitation Service. M. with significant disabilities since birth: “I was born this way, it is not God’s fault, it is not my parent’s fault, it is nobody’s fault. I believe that the Lord chose me to pray, to offer all of humanity, especially the servants…

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