Take time … to compose and sing in PNG!

Dear Friends: At the beginning of the year, I sent out an invitation for people to participate in a song competition with the theme, "Baptized and Sent".  I received this song, inspired by the prayer for the Extraordinary Missionary Month 2019 that was sent to me by Sr. Joanna Sava, sscj (Madang-Megiar).  She wrote the words and composed the melody.  The music is played by Mr. Arnold from the Holy Spirit Cathedral and by her friends. With Sr. Joanna's permission, it is with joy that I share…

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Take time to go to the movies

  "Pope Francis"   The documentary film by Wim Wenders What do I think? or rather, what does it make me live? Sharing from "street interviews"...   Thank you to the participants from St Jacut les Pins, Redon! First of all, an introduction that sets things in motion: From St. Francis of Assisi to Jorge Mario Bergoglio … to Pope Francis The first Pope to carry this name! a name that bears his Mission! "You don't come out of a film like this, the same way you went into…

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Contemplate Mary

  Mary, oh so beautiful… You are the smile of a God who gives of himself In the service of the least and the most humble Mary, oh so beautiful…   You are the sign of sure hope In the most hopeless situations in the world Mary, oh so beautiful… You make us want to believe In a world that forgets the creator, saviour God Mary, oh so beautiful… You radiate the light of God In a world renewed in Christ's resurrection Mary, oh so beautiful… You are…

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Take time to be filled with the wonder of Nature

Nature so beautiful and great, When spring comes to clothe you, Oh nature, reflection of the beauty and greatness of the Creator! The tree is dressed full of buds, Leaves and flowers, each in its own time, Faithful to its kind, Not one the same as another, Each is unique, Each with its colours, its nuances. What a marvel this harmony. Oh tree, reflection of the beauty and greatness of the Creator! "The one who is blessed Is like a tree, Planted by streams of water, Which…

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