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Pandemic 2020 We are lost but not lost We wait but can't see We sit we trust Not knowing Knowing no one knows All in the same boat Part of a bigger picture It makes our world smaller Begging to stay alive Not knowing Simply not knowing Collective angst In overwhelming times Cry of the people From the depths And God waits as we wait We all wait together

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Living in a time of pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has certainly come to disrupt our daily lives big time! As Sr. Anne mentioned in her letter to the congregation, our plans and dreams have been thwarted by a tiny, invisible enemy. The future seems very uncertain and each one is faced with the anxiety of her own vulnerability. No one is perfectly safe. So, for one’s own good and the good of those around us, in solidarity, we take the necessary precautions imposed on us by our local, state, and national governments: WE…

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Breakfast with God

In these troubled times let us take time…for a bit of poetry and interiority, like this little child. Breakfast with God! A little boy wanted to meet God. He knew that to make it to where God lived he would have to go on a long trip; so he stuffed his suitcase with cookies and six cans of soda and he set out. After having walked three blocks with houses he met an old man. He was sitting in the park staring at the pigeons. The kid…

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Praying with Angélique – November 16

A Litany prayer Commemorating the Death Anniversary of Angélique Le Sourd Foundress of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Leader: Today, we commemorate the death of our Foundress, Angelique Le Sourd 184 years ago. On this death anniversary we pause to reflect on the fruitfulness and gift of her life. It is in and through her that we inherit a certain way to follow Christ, a way marked with humility, simplicity and compassion. 1. Angelique “was Providence made visible for the suffering and needy.” Angelique,…

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