Take the time to gather a few gems! Joy is made to be shared!

Over a few days, as 2023 came to a close and we entered 2024, I received lovely “gifts” from the people I met at St Hélier Clinic’s Occupational Rehabilitation Service.

M. with significant disabilities since birth: “I was born this way, it is not God’s fault, it is not my parent’s fault, it is nobody’s fault. I believe that the Lord chose me to pray, to offer all of humanity, especially the servants of his Church, those who are consecrated. God is my travelling companion, always with me!

B. I entered his room to see him sitting in his chair, his face beaming; he stretches his arms upward trying to get up: “With physio, I am now able to stand on my leg! I am going to be able to stand up and walk…!”

C. Waiting and experiencing insecurity for several months to regain the ability to at least maintain a sitting position: “It’s going to happen; the operation has been scheduled 6 weeks from now! I will be able to continue working towards the para-Olympics!

D. Yesterday, I got my electric wheelchair back. It was being repaired over the last several months. This is my New Years gift!”

C. Met on the evening of January 1st: “Since my accident 2 years ago I have regained the use of my upper limbs. I am starting to feel a bit of life in my legs; I am giving myself 5 years to get back on my feet!”

X. “Very soon my leg prosthesis will be ready, I will be able to stand on my own two legs!”

B. He is visiting with his wife. After saying hello, she is anxious to ask me a burning question, “Our 17-year-old daughter told us she wants to be baptized. What needs to be done?” This was followed by a lively exchange …

There was another joy I received on December 28 during the feedback from the Council of Congregation. I felt there was a lot of hope, and openness, for an ongoing SSCJ Mission, shared by all according to their respective realities and situations!

The Lord, always active, works wonders for us!
Blessed is his NAME!

Together in Joy and Hope!

 Sr Pauline Joly (Rennes)