“The Spirit too comes to help us in our weakness. For when we cannot choose words in order to pray properly ; (…)” (Rm. 8, 26-27)

“The action of Divine Providence is present everywhere and always … All creatures are living in the hand of God … Jesus Christ lives in everything and goes on working throughout the ages.” (Notebook, pp. 130-131)


“Like Angélique, we seek to remain  in the loving presence of Him who lives in us. (…)” (Constitutions n°39)

“In personal prayer, the Sister of the Sacred Heart of Jesus seeks, for at least half an hour everyday, to contemplate the Lord, to unite herself to the dispositions of His Heart and to allow herself to be fashioned by the Spirit.” (Constitutions n° 40 )


“The Eucharist is the core of our life and of our action. (…) With Christ, we give thanks to the Father and we renew the offering of our life for the service of others.” (Constitutions n° 41)

“Devotion to Mary is part of our spiritual heritage. Each one prays to her by the recitation of the Rosary or in any other way.”  (Constitutions n° 46)