Jesus, Word of Life, Word made Flesh,
You are near to the humble and the poor.
O You in whom the image of tenderness
reveals the Father, Source of Love,
Take us into your praise.


Jesus, Son of the Father, Savior of the world,
You heal all illness.
O You in whom an open heart
offers the living water to a wounded humanity,
Take us into your offering.


Jesus, who Died and Resurrected,
You are our Hope,
O You in whom is fulfilled
the prayer of unity for your Church,
Take us into your intercession.

Jesus, Sent by the Father,
through your Spirit, you open to us the Kingdom,
O You who enkindle, in the heart of the poor,
your passion of love and peace,
Take us into your mission of mercy.

Jesus, through You, in You and with You,
with the Virgin Mary and Angelique,
may our entire life become a hymn of humility,
to the greater glory of God
forever and ever.