“The thought of these physical and moral sufferings continually haunted her and she dreamed unceasingly of the means to remedy them. (…)” (Manuscript, p.19)

We have a constant concern to respect the dignity of all persons and we remain attentive to those who are not aware of the loving presence of God in their lives. (Constitutions N° 59)
Wherever the sister is sent, she seeks a better understanding of her environment so as to become inculturated and to discover the values awaiting the Gospel. (Rules N° 59.2)

In the Church, within our communities, through our gestures, attitudes, and words, we seek to :

* Incarnate the Gospel and make visible the presence of Christ in this world.
* Weave bonds of reconciliation, of fraternity and create spaces for dialogue.
* Dare to stand up for the poor, the rejected and to promote the dignity of every person.
* Commit ourselves to respect creation.
(Quotes from the pamphlet of the French province)