“The thought of these physical and moral sufferings continually haunted her and she dreamed unceasingly of the means to remedy them. (…)” (Manuscrit, p.19)

(…) “We have a constant concern for the development of persons and are especially attentive to those who are not aware of the presence of the love of God in their lives.
There, where she is sent, each sister continually seeks a better understanding of the milieu in order to discover the values awaiting the Gospel.”
(Constitutions n°59)

In the Church, in the heart of human communities, through our gestures, attitudes, words, we seek to :

* Incarnate the Gospel and make visible the presence of Christ in this world.
* Weave bonds of reconciliation, of fraternity and create spaces for dialogue.
* Dare standing up for the poor, the rejected and promote the dignity of every person.
* Commit ourselves to respect the creation.
(Quotes from the pamphlet of the french province)
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