A cry of joy and gladness springs from the encounter with the Risen Christ. This joy is not just the relief from finding Him who was put to death. It is also the joy of knowing and realizing that beyond the finiteness of human life that was embraced by Christ, there springs eternal life. This knowledge that the disciples have is not intellectual, it is existential. This knowledge actually transformed their existence. So, Peter, after meeting the Risen Christ, whom he had denied out of fear, becomes fearless in his witnessing. How does our encounter with the Risen Christ transform us today? Is Christ’s call still our starting point like his call to action was for Marie-Madeleine? Or are we among those crying out of unfinished grief before the tomb? Christ is Risen! This is the message. He who has conquered death has entrusted this same message to those who believe life is stronger than death. That is the witness that our Lord expects of us so that people can continue to believe that God is greater than suffering and death! Happy Easter!

Sr Roselys