MARCH 2020

Be on the alert!
It is over here, it is over there;
I won’t go out.
Bye, bye, wicked virus;
You won’t get me! (Sr. Rachelle Bonneville)

A little microscopic thing called Coronavirus has turned the planet upside down. Everything is different and we have to learn how to do things in another way. It is a worldwide health emergency. Everybody is in lockdown. An unprecedented situation where everything seems to vacillate.

The streets are empty, the stores are closed and the churches are locked. Schools and day care centers are deserted, people are working on-line from home. The television is overrun with special programming. No more family parties or meetings between neighbours. The fear is real, the days blend into each other. We have time but we don’t know what to do with the empty pages of our agendas!
We have to get through what is happening now…


1: the worst weeds have been sown: today 24 cases of coronavirus in Canada
2: world day of prayer: we double our efforts
3: the best news of the month: we can extend our lease for two more years
5: Sr. Marie-Claire from Madagascar is very sick; right away we blame Covid-19
9: the oldest person in Canada has died: 113 years old- lived through 2 wars she now turns her back on the virus
10: world declaration of the Covid-19 pandemic: God is with us
19: Feast of St. Joseph: he sleeps while awaiting messages on how the virus is doing (Esperanza)
22: world day of water: we strongly hope that it will not be infected
25: Mary declares: “Behold I am the servant of the Lord!” and fearfully we commit ourselves death of Lise’s brother Acide; his funeral has been delayed because of the coronavirus.
28: an hour for the earth: we already live in darkness because of the coronavirus
29: The pope gives a plenary indulgence during this extraordinary time of Covid-19
31: the weeds spread rapidly: 4162 cases by the end of the month

What will happen next?

A community in Canada