“From distraction to consecration …”

This strange expression comes from Father Adolfo Nicolas, an ex-Father General of the Jesuits. Spontaneously we would say that concentration is the opposite of distraction.  No matter how much we try to concentrate, our thoughts and ideas go in different directions, and in spite of ourselves, our minds are filled with distractions.  We complain about being distracted during prayer.  But aren’t we also distracted in many other areas of our lives, in our work, in our mission? In the end aren’t we all absent minded in the…

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Chaos waits for a word of inspiration

The pandemic has forced almost all of humanity to live in lockdown. This unprecedented experience gives us the picture of a world ground to a halt. The silencing of human activity breathes new life into nature and the universe, as if creation was being rearranged. In fact, lockdown has emptied our cities, our neighbourhoods. You can't help but think of the passage in Genesis: "Now the earth was a formless void" Gn. 1:2. Gradually a new state of order is being put in place. As a result,…

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A pandemic which “unmasks” us

Our personal lives and our community lives have been turned upside down by the dreadful situation of the pandemic and the lockdown which has since ensued. We have also been stripped of our ideal ‘me’, our community ‘me’ and perhaps more deeply our religious ‘me’. The pandemic has exposed as never before the interdependence which binds us to every human being on the planet. Please click on the link below: Corona virus - Letter to the Congrégation[2093]

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Sleeping St. Joseph

Have you ever noticed how Joseph always received messages from God while he was asleep? Although Mary welcomed the Angel's message while wide awake (Lk 1:28), Joseph got his messages in a dream, whether about the divine conception of Jesus (Mt 1:20), the escape into Egypt (Mt 2:13) or the return to Nazareth (Mt 2:19). There seems to be a special grace connected with Joseph's sleep. While he was passive, the Lord’s light surrounded Joseph. He saw very clearly what path his life would now take and…

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