Have you ever noticed how Joseph always received messages from God while he was asleep?

Although Mary welcomed the Angel’s message while wide awake (Lk 1:28), Joseph got his messages in a dream, whether about the divine conception of Jesus (Mt 1:20), the escape into Egypt (Mt 2:13) or the return to Nazareth (Mt 2:19).

There seems to be a special grace connected with Joseph’s sleep. While he was passive, the Lord’s light surrounded Joseph. He saw very clearly what path his life would now take and what he would have to do to ensure that Jesus would be safe. This is a good lesson for us. We put so much value on being active, attentive and awake! Being passive, without a doubt, offers less resistance for God to do his work within us….

They say that Pope Francis has a statue of Sleeping St. Joseph on his desk and that under this image of the sleep of the just he likes to slide prayer intentions that are especially delicate. May the Feast of Saint Joseph, this March, invite us to trustingly abandon ourselves in everything we have to live.

Sr. Anne