Plant a tree

“Everything is connected” The year 2020 marks the fifth anniversary of the publication of ‘Laudato Si’. At this time, Catholic communities throughout the world and all believers are invited to celebrate “‘Laudato Si’ week” from May 16 to 24, 2020.   Sr. Anne-Marie Mabon Delegated by the General Council for Justice/Peace/Environment   SEGONZAC, June 10, 2020 C1, 2020   Justice/Peace/Environment Subject: at the request of Pope Francis, celebrate the Encyclical Laudato Si. My dear Sisters, The year 2020 marks the fifth anniversary of the publication of ‘Laudato…

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A virus speaks to us

A tiny virus has come to remind the whole world how fragile life is.  To survive and live in harmony with all living things on earth we must change the way we look at nature and rethink the place of humanity on the planet.  We have known for a long time that the majority of illnesses are caused by the pressure humans place on ecosystems.  It is therefore crucial to understand that the present health crisis is the direct result of the current environmental crisis.   According to…

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Time to celebrate 5 years with Laudato Si’

5 years ago Pope Francis published the Encyclical, “LAUDATO SI’” that sowed many seeds of deep conversion throughout the world. It is a revolutionary text that focuses our attention on the importance of stopping acceleration, warns us of the danger of deforestation (that has contributed to the present crisis), and calls us to reflect and be creative. This urgent appeal has led Catholic and other religious communities to question themselves on ecology. Everyone has put concrete measures in place to reduce their environmental impact and strengthen their…

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Participate in Earth Day

• According to the UN, the objective of "World Earth Day" is to raise public awareness about the challenges faced by our planet based on the idea that the Earth and its ecosystems are what feeds and supports us throughout life. It is an invitation to learn how to appreciate the unique character of our planet Earth with its incredible biodiversity. According to the official site, it is about encouraging the training of a large number of people to make them aware of the issues around…

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