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By car:

Did you know that the use of cars is responsible for nearly 18% of the greenhouse gases generated in Canada because of the large amount of oil they consume? Since oil is one of the most polluting and environmentally harmful fossil fuels, it is important to use it wisely and sparingly. Buying from stores closer to home and planning our outings so that we don’t have to use the car on several occasions will save us time and money.

Did you know that using the car’s air conditioning system can increase its fuel consumption by 20%? When the heat is not too intense in the summer, why not open the window to ventilate? Also, try to park the car in a shaded area to keep it cool.

Here are some tips for starting cars in the winter: An attempt to start the car should not take more than eight to ten seconds. If it doesn’t work, let a good 30 seconds go by, then try again with the throttle on the floor. Doing this optimizes the air-fuel mixture needed for starting without flooding the engine, as it used to. After four unsuccessful attempts, always separated by a 30-second pause, call for service.

Drive for maximum fuel efficiency:

      • Accelerate smoothly and gradually.
      • Maintain a constant speed.
      • Let gravity do its job when possible.
      • Avoid high speeds.
      • Ease off the throttle to reduce speed.
      • Avoid unnecessary idling.
      • A 30-second stop warrants turning off the engine.
      • Check tire pressure monthly.
      • Avoid carrying unnecessary weight.
      • Use air conditioning sparingly.
      • Combine trips.

Fuel-efficient driving will not only save us a lot of money on fuel, but it will also help improve road safety and avoid unnecessary wear and tear on our vehicles. Practicing the suggested driving techniques will reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, which are so harmful to the environment and to the health of its inhabitants, by 25%.

Yes, we can make a difference on our fuel bills. Yes, we can do our part to reduce the greenhouse gases that are so polluting for our environment. So, let’s be aware of the actions we take and act together out of respect for our planet Earth.

This article is not only addressed to drivers but also to all people who need transportation because foresight and planning are our responsibility.

After reading this article, you may say that these are things you already know. However, sometimes it’s good to be reminded of them to increase our awareness of our ecological responsibilities.

Did you know that:

Among the most polluting countries in the world per capita, Canada is still in 4th place ahead of the United States.

February 20th is the World Day of Social Justice.

On July 28, 2022, humanity consumed all that the planet can produce in one year and lived on credit for the rest of the year. What will happen in 2023?



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