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It was there … and stood proudly since 1965 for the school section, 1969 for the whole thing … but I.S.S.A.T.’s last wall fell on Tuesday November 28, 2023!

So many memories! It was initiated by the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus as Our Lady of Nazareth School in 1948; private courses for sewing in 1949 were given in classrooms in the Mother House.

June 20, 1954 saw the birth of the Family Association for Professional Agricultural Training. There were 160 boarders and about 160 students alternating between work and studies.  Soon the space became too small, and thoughts of building began.  In 1961, The Administrative Council obtained a piece of land on the road to Peillac existing St Jacut.  To build, funds were needed, and this was debated by the Administrative Council. They went to the Minister of Agriculture and others, but things moved slowly, and the number of students increased. Sister Élise Marie soon became the backbone of the new construction.

February 1, 1966, the new buildings were inaugurated, and the establishment became: C. E. F. R. (Centre for Rural Female Education).  In 1969, it became an agricultural college. In 1992, I.S.S.A.T. was created.

In 2012, a decision was enacted by the Council of Administration to gradually transfer all training to the I.S.S.A.T. in Redon. In 2018, the St Jacut site was permanently closed.

Great things were lived, and they will carry on. The SSCJ congregation played an unprecedented role in the whole process and is happy to see the fruits of pedagogical practices founded on the Gospel carried out with dynamism and participation that went beyond the role of a teacher. Every young person can succeed if they are listened to, respected, and accompanied.

The “deconstruction” that started at the beginning of 2023 has ended; something else will be created … What will it be?  LET’S WAIT AND SEE!

Sisters Marie Renée and Marie Thérèse, SSCJ