The 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) is starting October 31, 2021. This meeting is important because:

*it will review the commitments of each State (nationally determined contributions) following the Paris accord. 130 countries out of 190 have already made theirs but China, India, Saudi Arabia… are still owing.

*they will discuss those issues that were suspended in 2015, notably how “carbon markets” will function (art. 6). The CCFD-Terre solidaire (Catholic Committee Against Hunger and for Development – Earth Solidarity) is running a campaign so that carbon neutrality does not depend on “carbon compensation”, which could result in land grabbing and the expropriation of local populations.

On the international level, 40 high placed leaders of all the different religions met in Rome on October 4 and they signed a paper calling on all rulers to take “radical and responsible action”.  The declaration adds, “Future generations will never forgive us if we lose an opportunity to protect our common home”.

In France, the Council of Christian Churches, members of Green Church, adopted a common declaration (available in French only). Its conclusion suggests that there be a day of prayer for COP26 on October 31 and a day of fasting on November 6 that would also be a day of mobilisation for the climate.