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On December 8, 2020, there was a celebration at the Sisters of the Sacred Heart in Ngaoundéré in Cameroon. We welcomed four young women to the Novitiate, one from Kenya and the three others from Madagascar.

This phase in their journey lays the foundation of Formation because it is meant to gradually initiate young women to the life of a Sister of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

From left to right, Solange , Arlette, Marie-Françoise, Monicah, Faniry.

After giving thanks to God for the gift of his call to Monicah, Faniry, Solange, Arlette, with a magnificent song of thanksgiving in Malagasy, the different rites specific to this commitment were presented and carried out:

              • A time of calling on the Holy Spirit who illuminates, and renders generous those whom the Lord has called to follow him.  During the Veni Creator, each of them received a lit candle.  This candle was held again by each novice when they placed themselves in the hands of Mary.
              • The dialogue between the Regional Superior and the postulants, when they voice their decision to commit themselves in response to God’s call.
              • The welcoming of the novices into the Congregation by the Regional Superior and the sisters who are present.  The song “Like Angélique and her companions, love simply” resonated throughout the chapel.

The steps to mark the entrance to the novitiate were: the distribution of the Constitutions and Rules, Cross and Rosary, given out in a spirit of quiet reflection; the signing of the minutes, understood as the commitment between both parties.
Placing themselves in the hands of Mary was followed by a song in Swahili, a language in Kenya, inviting everyone to dance.

A festive liturgy of the Eucharist followed.  The Eucharist is the center and summit of a life of intimacy with Christ during this time of formation.

The two levels of Formation (Novitiate-Postulancy) and the sisters total eleven members of different nationalities coming from six countries: Cameroon, Kenya, Madagascar, Chad, Nigeria, and France.  The flags of each country formed a harmonious bouquet of colours setting the tone of the celebration, creating openings for hope.

The Eucharist was lived in a spirit of Pentecost, bursting out in songs of all different tongues. 

The road continues to lead towards the future.

Sister Marie-Françoise Naël

The postulants in front, from left to right: Augustina , Nigerian, Marie, Antoinette, Emilienne, Cameroonians