However, postulants soon began to flock in, and at last a time came when the Sisters could give a satisfactory reply to the parishes asking for teachers. It was in 1839 that they founded their first establishment at Saint-Congard. A second one was founded in Peillac in 1842, then two others in 1846: one in Caden and one in Saint Gorgon. According to the double aim of their Institution, each of these establishments counted one Sister to visit the sick, one or two to teach in school and sometimes a lay Sister for the material needs.

From that time up to 1880, foundation followed foundation fairly regularly as it were, year after year, though sometimes the establishment of new foundations had to be postponed for lack of subjects. To obtain more members they had recourse to prayer and made sacrifices. They went on pilgrimages to the chapel of Our Lady of Pont d’Arz, a simple and prayerful oratory situated on the bank of a river about half a mile away from the convent. It was a place impregnated with the prayer of generations for four or five centuries.

Guyot, p. 51