First foundations

However, postulants soon began to flock in, and at last a time came when the Sisters could give a satisfactory reply to the parishes asking for teachers. It was in 1839 that they founded their first establishment at Saint-Congard. A second one was founded in Peillac in 1842, then two others in 1846: one in Caden and one in Saint Gorgon. According to the double aim of their Institution, each of these establishments counted one Sister to visit the sick, one or two to teach in school…

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In Bechuanaland

Never had the humble Institute dreamed of the glory of spreading its branches beyond Brittany, nor, above all, beyond the sea. It existed quietly, unknown to the world and only able to practise its charity within a limited circle. However, since the first expulsions of religious, the fear of seeing themselves obliged, in their turn, to flee, had awakened apostolic desires in several Sisters. They were ready to go abroad(...) It was then that, providentially, they were introduced to the Oblates of Mary Immaculate through the Reverend…

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Instead of weakening the Congregation, the persecutions had only strengthened it. Early in   the 3rd century Church, Tertullien said, “the blood of martyrs is the seed of Christianity.”  It could also be said that the tears of the Sisters and their pupils were the source of vocations. Never had the Novitiate been so flourishing nor the Professions so numerous as around the year 1900.  It was then necessary to find appropriate outlets for the energies which sought only to be used for the greater glory of God.…

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