“Pope Francis”


The documentary film by Wim Wenders

What do I think? or rather, what does it make me live?

Sharing from “street interviews”…   Thank you to the participants from St Jacut les Pins, Redon!

First of all, an introduction that sets things in motion: From St. Francis of Assisi to Jorge Mario Bergoglio … to Pope Francis

The first Pope to carry this name! a name that bears his Mission!

“You don’t come out of a film like this, the same way you went into it”. 

Actually, not a film about the Pope, but with the Pope.

With him, travelling the world during five years of pontificate.

“I noticed his nearness”

The Pope is close to the earth, the planet that is deteriorating more and more.  God Creator must be very hurt and in pain when he sees people so unaware of how they take things lightly.

During his visits around the world, Pope Francis is filled with love for the poor, the little ones, the unhappy, those who experience suffering of all kinds, the handicapped, the migrants…

His look touches me deeply, a look of goodness and peace.

I am quite emotional, I felt tears coming to my eyes for all the bad things that are done, especially to youth…

A Pope who is listening, he says something and then he does it!  A-M

This documentary film, what do I think?  It is extraordinary in its density and richness.  Very, very touching.  Several times: tears and sobbing.  Very challenging.  A man, a real man, a great man.  He doesn’t beat around the bush, for him nothing is taboo.  He connects with each man and woman, child, elderly, “ugly”, disfigured, dirty or imprisoned person, people of all social conditions.  He washes feet in prisons or in slums… I was horrified to see how our garbage takes over hectares of land, places where the poorest people go to find manna.  The ocean is nothing more than a garbage dump.  I was very touched when he entered the grand mosque in Jerusalem with bare feet, always concerned about respecting differences: “Christians or Muslims, we are all sons and daughters of Abraham”.

I would like to see this film again; it is worthy of being prolonged, of meditating and praying on it during a spiritual retreat.

A “Pope-man”, extraordinary.

Blessed be God for giving us Pope Francis. B.

In all the different parts of the world, the same message:  the little ones, the unloved come first!  What struck me: he is as close to the “great”, the “authorities” as he is to the little ones and the poor…  What depth of Love! C.