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Sunday November 15 the Catholic Church celebrates on every continent “World day of the poor”.

A day “to celebrate the Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Universal King, who identified himself with the little ones and the poor, who will judge us according to our acts of Mercy (cf. Mt. 2:31-46)”… A day when “communities and each of the baptised are invited to reflect on how poverty is at the heart of the Gospel and are encouraged to fully include the marginalized.” Message from 19-11-17

“To care for the poor is not an option but is the condition of authentic Christian faith.” “The silent cry of so many poor men, women and children should find the people of God at the forefront.” is what Pope Francis is telling us in his 2020 message entitled, “Stretch forth your hand to the poor!”

In these months, when the whole world was prey to a virus that brought pain and death, despair and bewilderment, how many outstretched hands have we seen!” said the Pope while acknowledging that, “Stretching your hand out to the poor is not easy”.  And on this point, “The word of God allows for no complacency.”  In order to prepare ourselves he suggests daily training.  “Stretch out your hand to give”, “Stretch out your hand to receive”.  What the poor will teach me, “Stretch out your hand to move forward together” as brothers to build a Church, a society where each person can make a contribution.

In this journey of daily encounter with the poor, the Mother of God is ever at our side. May our prayer to Mary, Mother of the Poor… enable outstretched hands to become an embrace of shared and rediscovered fraternity.”  Wishing all of you a good day on November 15, full of joy and fraternity.

Sr. Anne-Marie Mabon – General Council’s Delegate for Justice/Peace/Environment

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