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Each year, during the Season of Creation, on the last Sunday of September, the Church sets aside a day to respect and recognize the rights and dignity of: migrants, refugees, asylum seekers, as well as all the men, women and children who have come out of migration.

This year the Pope chose the following theme:

“Forced like Jesus Christ to flee.  Welcoming, protecting, promoting and integrating internally displaced persons”.

As the title emphasizes, this reflection starts with the experience of the Child Jesus and his parents, as displaced persons and as refugees.  The Pope’s message also focuses on pastoral ministry for internally displaced persons within their own country whose numbers have grown now to over 41 million people in the world.

Within the main theme, 6 secondary themes are given with 6 pairs of verbs:

Know in order to understand // Be close in order to serve // In order to be reconciled we need to listen // In order to grow it is necessary to share // Be involved in order to promote // It is necessary to cooperate in order to build

Why not get to know them ourselves!

Vatican: http://www.vatican.va/content/francesco/en/messages/migration/documents/papa-francesco_20200513_world-migrants-day-2020.html

Sr. Anne Marie Mabon
Delegated by the General Council
For Justice/Peace/Environment