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DDuration. We want reduced lockdown measures over long duration.

EEnter.  We have entered into the first stage.

C– Creation.  It is like a new creation, living like Jesus in full harmony with the wonders of creation.

OOrder. Necessary so that the greatest number of persons possible do not get Coronavirus.

NNature.  Following lockdown we really appreciate nature with its multicolored flowers and bird songs.

FFamilies.  May this time of relaxed lockdown bring peace and joy to families.

IInteriority. Silence and solitude have allowed us to experience greater interiority that we need to continue to cultivate.

NNew life. Will the experience of deconfinement bring new life to each one of us?

E– Enliven hope.   Hoping against all hope

MMary. May she support us in Hope and help us to see the world with “eyes that are more enlightened”.

E-Ecology.  Let ecology be at the heart of our projects, let it be one of our priorities.

NNew.  We will build a better future, a world of greater solidarity, a new world.

TTogetherness.  “Lord, awaken praise and gratitude in us for each being that you have created on this earth and give us the grace to live togetherness with all that exists”.

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