It is with joy that I share with you what the postulant community, here in Antsirabe, is living during lockdown.

Lockdown started on March 22, 2020, when our President of the Republic announced that there were people who were carriers of covid-19.

Like everyone else in the world, we are not allowed to attend mass. So together, in our chapel, we celebrate Sunday prayer every Sunday. Each of us actively participates in facilitating the prayer, just as we did for the Pascal Triduum and Easter. We have a reserve of the Blessed Sacrament, so we receive communion during our Sunday prayer. We all appreciate the atmosphere during our prayer together.

We try to respect all of the directives demanded by our President.

Lydie, a French lady cooperating with the minor seminary, came to tell us that an association wants to give 500,000 “masks” to Madagascar; she will provide all of the material and then we will have to make them. She asked if we could participate. We accepted and we are in the process of making 100 “masks”.

Sr. Jeanne Merline – Madagascar