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‘Religious’ and ‘gourmand’ = two adjectives that seem hardly appropriate and yet … this is the challenge launched by the parish of Malestroit to invite people to get to know the three religious communities present in this small city of character. The visit was marked out between the Community of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart, the Brothers of Ploermel and the Augustinian Sisters.

At 9:30, the 230 people who had registered for the event came together in the rectory’s courtyard for a cup of coffee and a piece of cake humorously called “a Jesuit” or “a Sacristan”.

Everyone was talking about this rather curious event.  Once the instructions were given, the walkers dispersed into groups of 15 people walking along the Canal towards the Community of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart.

When they arrived, Sisters Maria, Marie-Thérèse, Béatrice and Marie-Antoinette welcomed them into the house for a presentation on the history of the Congregation, that of yesterday and of today. There was a short video and a quiz, followed by a special aperitif: either a “Cocktail Angélique” or a “St. Jacut”.

At 12:00, the walkers were expected at the Brothers‘ house in Ploermel to discover the life of their Congregation, before sharing a meal: galette with sausage and a glass of cider. But the circuit was not finished yet.

We then went on to the Augustinian Monastery where the Sisters were waiting with dessert. Can you guess what?… “a religious”, very much appreciated by everyone.

Once dessert was finished, each group was invited to explore and discover the Monastery. There were some very interesting encounters that allowed us to better understand their way of life.

This beautiful day ended with the celebration of the Eucharist at the Parish church, where regulars and non-regulars of these places came together in joy.  A coincidence: this Sunday was the World Day for Vocations.

The day was a real success. We asked for more! The newspaper of May 2 noted a few reflections from the participants: “It was very well organized. We discovered each Congregation in their own living environment and the day was filled with humor without too much bondieuserie.”

Let’s do it again! “First we have to evaluate the experience,” says Father Yves Carteau, rector of the parish, “and then we’ll decide…”

Sister Marie-Thérèse Panhelleux, sscj – 29 Avril 2023 à Malestroit