This weekend (September 24-25) we met at the Mother House of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in St Jacut les Pins, with the joy of seeing each other again of course and the welcome of 4 new people. The main theme of these days was to rediscover the origins of the Congregation and its international expansion.

The visit of the Chapel of La Graë, where Angélique Le Sourd and her first 3 companions left, and a mini scavenger hunt in the park allowed us to retrace the important moments in the life of the Congregation.



The testimonies of associates, the projection of slide shows on “The Audacity to Love”, “Drawing from the Source” and “Mary”, the visit to the first school, the exhibitions and the gallery-museum showed the humility, the charity of a poor child with the concern to help the most materially and humanly needy of her time, and the places of mission abroad.

We Associates continue to live the charism of Tenderness and Mercy, in our equally tormented times. During the times of prayer, the Eucharist, we were in close communion with the Sisters and Associates of all the entities. During the meal, the conversations between the Sisters and Associates lively; the happiness of being together was palpable.

Reflections from the participants: “In Angelique, her premature “audacity” was revealed progressively and energetically according to the context of the time, mission impossible in our time? We leave happy, nourished, invigorated, feeling a call and the will to live the key words Tenderness and Mercy, with a concern to help each other… return to the source and rediscover spirituality…

Thank you, Angelique, for your life, your testimony, your audacity, your determination, your courage. We ask for her support and that of all the Sisters so that the Associates continue to live the charism as best they can in simplicity and closeness.

Marie-Annick Hervieux