News from Madagascar …continued

To come and visit us in Antsirabe, Menja (yellow T-shirt) spent 7 hours in a bush-taxi; the next day he left in the same way to meet up with Soavina. Menja wants to be a priest, and he needs our support to complete his studies so he can get his diploma. While I give French lessons to the young women spending time in the community, Jacques goes to the prison to give courses to the prisoners, so that they can have a trade when they are released. Eleven…

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News from Madagascar

Hello everyone, “We are doing well. We are touched by your prayers for the victims of the latest disaster in Madagascar. We don’t travel much because the sisters are afraid we will catch Covid. But we have a lot to keep us busy. Jacques is building cupboards and I paint them when they are finished.   We saw the buildings and the new construction project in Ambositra; allowing the sisters to have more space so they can be more comfortable. On Sunday there was a feast for…

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Associates’ Assembly October 3, 2020 at St Jacut les Pins

  Within the context of the canonical visit, the French Associates were invited by Sister Roselys, General Councillar, to an Assembly of the Associates. The small number of 12 associates and 2 sisters, Maria and Annie, allowed for physical distancing in Bethany hall.  It was raining a lot outside, but inside there were happy faces behind the masks, happy to see each other again, to reflect on the future of the Associates in France, in communion with those from other entities. We placed our day in the…

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Stéphane our friend

Death of Stéphane, friend of the Associates in France, 56 years of age. Stéphane standing, 3rd from the right On Sunday, August 2nd, a group of Associates and friends as well as several Sisters of the Congregation came together at the 11:00  a.m. mass in Allaire. We were there together to give thanks for having known and highly regarded Stéphane, and we asked God to welcome him into his Kingdom. Stéphane has left his mark on us with his curiosity to know and deepen his faith; he…

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