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 Tuesday, October 5, 2021, the Angélique Le Sourd long term care facility in cooperation with the St. Hélier Pôle in Rennes, invited all the Sisters, health care workers and elected officials of the area to the inner court yard of the Mother House in St. Jacut to come and see the latest innovations at St. Hélier Pôle.

The Sisters came out in force to attend the five workshops, eager to discover the new devices and how they work.  It was an afternoon filled with discoveries.

The professionals let us try a few things.  At the telemedicine workshop one of us tried on a pair of smart glasses that are connected to a doctor in Rennes.  The person wearing them was able to ask questions, get answers from the doctor and receive a proper prescription.

Other people tried the smart wheelchair which provides a secure way of getting around by signalling where fixed and moving objects are, therefore slowing itself down and even coming to a stop when necessary.  You have to be focused when moving forward.

We also discovered the smart medication container that prepares medication according to the on-record prescription.  No more risk of making mistakes!

There was no shortage of exclamations heard as the participants and observers showed interest in the virtual reality workshop.  A Sister, equipped with a helmet, playfully moved arms, straightened out limbs, stretched…

Another amazing workshop was the exoskeleton, equipment to help people with mobility issues.  The person needs to be able to stand.  It is a belt that is connected to sensors on a strap attached to the thighs and legs.  This system reduces fatigue and increases the length of time a person can walk.  Some people may have seen it on television.  The staff at St. Hélier Pôle offered the equipment to a man with Multiple Sclerosis who wanted to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Thanks to the device, he was able to climb about 3000 metres at which point, no doubt with tears, he had to abandon the climb and continue in a “joëlette” (one-wheeled chair moved by two assistants).  He hasn’t given up.  He hopes to go on another adventure in Tanzania.

These are the scientific wonders we discovered this afternoon.  Bravo to all the research teams who are hoping that the development of their cutting edge equipment will be accepted by the Health Insurance Fund.

The researchers showed us how great human intelligence is.  It is a wonderful thing when it is used to serve humanity.  We give thanks to God!

                                                          Sisters of the Malestroit community