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No! Don’t throw them away!

At the Mother House of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, 1 rue Angélique Le Sourd 56220 St Jacut les Pins, France, used stamps are collected for the missions.

All you have to do is cut carefully around the stamp, trying not to cut its teeth. All categories of stamps are welcomed: small and large formats, French or foreign.

A group of sisters prepares them before sending them to the Saint Pierre Chanel Association where they are sold in benefit of the Missions in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Oceania.

The proceeds are used for the construction and repair of school buildings, for locales for formation and recreational purposes, etc.

“Little streams become big rivers”, the proverb says!  Hopefully the same will be true for your used stamps! Please send them on to us.

Every little bit helps!

Sœurs Gabrielle et Thérèse SSCJ