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December 19, 2019: Come to the party, the table is ready!

Our sister Marie Madeleine Bouchet brought the festivities for our centenarians to a close for 2019. The celebration was somewhat official because the mayors of the native villages of our two sisters, Angèle Blain and Marie Madeleine, were invited to the celebration and of course the Mayor of St. Jacut was there, as always, being a participating witness to the major events that mark the Congregation.

Two journalists from Ouest France and Infos de Redon covered the event. Sister Anne Chapell, Superior General, and the 3 sisters of her council were also present.




After the celebration of thanksgiving at the chapel, for Marie Madeleine’s 100 years, we made our way to St. Pius X hall: Congratulations, gifts, time for getting reacquainted, and attentive listening to the life journey of each of the sisters.



In 100 years, a great many things have been lived! Some of the shared memories helped us relive the moments that made up their full lives. And then everyone came together for a glass of wine, eating pastries; during which photos flashed by on a screen, from the 100th birthdays of Sr. Félicité Delourmel, Sr Angèle Blain and others from Sr. Marie Madeleine’s past.


The Mayor of St. Jacut made a connection between our Bicentennial in 2016 and the total number of years lived by the sisters being celebrated; he asked if they had finally reached the age of retirement; did he not get wind of the different activities that our two sisters are involved in each day? He didn’t miss the opportunity to make a link between the community life that St. Paul invites us to live and how he sees this type of communion being lived within the community.

The time passed quickly and when we arrived at the dining hall, we were ready with a good appetite.


At the table of honour, Marie Madeleine was surrounded by her family. It was a joy for her to have her sister Marie of 98 years and the director of the long term nursing home in Carentoir where her sister resides. Songs fitting the occasion brought joy: Sr. Germaine Bigorgne, originally from Tertres, retraced with finesse, Marie Madeleine’s first 3 years in school, Sr. Thérèse Gélinier presented her composition: “Life is like knitting!” herself wearing one of the scarves that Marie Madeleine made while faithfully attending the workshop on a daily basis.


All good things come to an end, time to blow out the candles!

Marie Madeleine had been practicing because the evening before she was celebrated on the first floor in Notre Dame de Lourdes and the last of the festivities was held on the 21st when she had refreshments together with those of her family who were not able to attend previous celebrations. All of this was made possible thanks to the staff involved in its preparation and realization, working side by side with the sisters.

Thank you, Marie Madeleine, on behalf of all the sisters for your life given, for your discreet service. We wish you more beautiful years among us.