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September 29th at the Mother House

And of course, the anniversary of the first professions was well prepared! This time, considering how COVID has upset so many situations the celebration for our jubilarian sisters was not spared, even the mass for the celebration was edited!

But doubts were beginning to circulate and we wondered whether the celebration would take place as planned along with the Provincial meeting that was to follow.  Of course a different program with a different way of carrying it out was forced upon us.

We celebrated September 29th for the Mother House only and we included the jubilarians who live nearby.  All the same, 18 jubilarians were present, there are advantages to being numerous in the community!

The celebration of the Mass was festive and was presided over by our faithful chaplain, and oursisters being celebrated were honoured.  We gave thanks for all the jubilarians in the Province, uniting with those who have gone to heaven before us.


After the Mass we gathered together in 2 well decorated dining rooms for the banquet that was made more celebratory with song, stories and music.








Yvette GUYOT, sscj