Waiting…..waiting,  for the lifting of the “ lockdown” and the eradication of the coronavirus or COVID 19. …..for a date to move to Nazareth House.

Meanwhile how do we spend our time during this lockdown?

  • We are packing all our belongings so that we will be ready when we are given the “go-ahead” to move….
  • Every Sunday and even every day we can assist at Mass through live streaming. (This is because our churches are all closed due to the COVID 19). How exciting when we can visit any church throughout the UK and abroad. We can even visit our home town Church, be it in Ireland, Scotland or even Canada. Thank God for technology.
  • We have decided as a District to have an hour of adoration every day, to plead with the Lord to eradicate this virus. We think of all the suffering in the world because of this disease. We try to play our little part, be it only to pray in the name of humanity.
  • We take our daily exercise in our beautiful garden. Some members of the group also practise Tai Chi. We share the cooking and there is a great spirit of cooperation and unity in the Community.
  • Sr Yvonne from Paris arrived in March to help us. She does little bits of shopping and visits the chemist and Doctor’s surgery for some of our medical needs. We have a very good friend who does our weekly shopping for us. We are very grateful and appreciative for all the help we receive.
  • In the evening, enjoying TV together becomes an important relaxation. In this time of uncertainty and tension in our wounded world, we trust that the Lord is walking with us every step of the way.

As the Lord said: “Do not be afraid, I am with you.” St John Henry Newman said: “He (the Lord) knows what He is about.”

Sister Denise Bissonnette