At the beginning of February this year, I was accepted to study at Holy Trinity Teachers’ College as a primary school teacher. I left for my studies in mid-February. After 4 weeks of formal classes, we received a notice announcing a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the country. On the 22nd of March, the Prime Minister announced a state of emergency for two weeks throughout the country. We were sent home the following day. This was the first of its kind for Papua New Guineans to experience.

During the State of Emergency, many things have changed. The atmosphere is not the same as it used to be. Many people are afraid of covid-19 more than any other sickness. Some people have taken it seriously by following the guidelines of the government while others have not. Like most people, I, too, am afraid and this fear has moved me to go into lockdown seriously.

It was not easy for me to be in lockdown. Being an outgoing person, it was challenging to have to stay in the house and on our property all day. However, it has taught me to be more aware of things happening around me while been isolated. I have learnt to appreciate this special time with my community, to relax more than being anxious and to be more aware of others’ needs around me. In addition, this time has taught me the value of self-discipline. Thus, this lockdown time has been a turning point in the journey of my life.

Sr. Veronica Mond