Jean-Claude Foubert and Marie-Annick Hervieux, both ASCJ, accompanied by Béatrice Brocard, reference person for SSCJ-France, met with a small group of Friends ASCJ from Kremlin Bicêtre and from Paris, at the Holy Family of Kremlin Parish (Val de Marne).

Objectives for the meeting:

* get to know each other better,

* support and encourage the Kremlin group to continue their mission following the

departure of the sisters during the summer,

* reflect more broadly on future perspectives for the ASCJ movement in France,

* identify what is wished for in terms of formation,

* strengthen links between ASCJ internationally,

* adopt the Statutes currently being developed

The sharing was rich.  There was energy and dynamism and one of us expressed how they were “happy to see so many lives given to follow Angelique and her companions.”


                                                                                                                                           December 11, 2021

Béatrice Brocard, sscj