The community of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus of Ngong (Cameroon) and the staff of the “Centre de Santé Intégré Angélique le Sourd” are happy to greet you at the beginning of this new year and give you some news.

The Integrated Health Center has been functioning since January 10, 2022. Indeed, we, the health care professionals who work here, welcome patients who come from various horizons. After 12 months of operation without any extra activities, we believe that the reputation of the Center is gradually being made by the patients who have come to request our services. We had hoped for a much better result than the one we are seeing at present.

We have received several patients with various pathologies: malaria, cough and respiratory infections, fevers, various traumas, wounds, diarrhea in children and many other diseases. We received four women who gave birth to four babies in the maternity ward.

Thanks to your donations, some patients have benefited from better care than they would have had had you not helped us. Thank you for this gesture of generosity which encourages us and supports us enormously in the implementation of the work in this center.

In some cases, we had to seek medical advice within the health care system. The telemedicine facilities facilitated this contact with the doctor at the district hospital. For other, more complex cases, we sent them to the district hospital in Ngong or Garoua for better care.

Regarding telemedicine as we initially conceived it, the patients we met who might have benefited from this type of care did not give their consent for its implementation. The reasons given were more of distrust, fear, and prejudice.

The major problem right now is the follow-up of the files for the official opening of the Center which would have been an asset to further develop all the curative and preventive activities, the follow-up of the pregnant women and deliveries.

However, this first year has been formative on the professional level. It helped to become familiar with the tools necessary to manage the center’s data. We note, in particular, the computer system, the use of the laboratory equipment and the delivery room equipment.

In addition, throughout the year, we received many requests for advanced nursing training, although we are unable to satisfy these requests at the moment.

The entire team of the Centre de Santé Intégré Angélique Le Sourd and the community wish you a Happy New Year 2023. May the relationships we have established in our concern for promoting the physical, mental, and spiritual health of vulnerable persons continue to develop and guide our choices and decisions.

Sister Marie Pascal Guedom