Do not look further than our own lives to discover how Jesus has crossed paths with us, He connects with us as we travel on our way!” *

Today the Lord connects with us on our roads to Emmaus, in our experiences of lockdown, on all continents.

With his heart overflowing with tenderness, Jesus approaches the disciples who are upset about the events of the last few days (Luke 24: 13-35). They tell HIM what happened. As they go along the road, Jesus explains “to them the passages throughout the scriptures that were about himself.” Lk 24:27

And why wouldn’t He approach each one of us? If we quiet ourselves, and if we open our hearts to recognize and welcome him into our homes, even while we are upset and disturbed by the present planetary health crisis, “HE meets us on our way”! And so we find consolation: confined, yes! but not abandoned!

Isn’t this the best time to quiet exterior noises? Open the windows of our hearts and let the chorus of birds resonate in us and speak to us of Creation and the Creator!

Hearts in tune with that of Jesus’ know no distance; our thoughts, our feelings and our prayers know neither distance nor frontiers. No matter where we are on the planet, He is present here among us, with us and in us! This is our strength and our consolation! It is our Hope!

Blessed be God, now and forever!

*Hymn from the Office Book

Sr Béatrice, sscj – France