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Would the Psalmist accept to change Psalm 89? In the crowd of those that have lived way more than 80 years of age, our dear Bernadette Brulé is one of the “strongest”, who on June 24 went beyond 100 years!

The celebration began with the Eucharist celebrated for the intentions of Bernadette and her family.  Bernadette was able to be present and showed that she was aware of being the centre of attention.  She was congratulated by the sisters and celebrants to which she responded with a beautiful smile.  We then moved on to the appropriately decorated dining room on the first floor.  It is there that she received best wishes from the municipal council represented by Madame Béatrice Stévant, assistant to the mayor, and from Mme Pascale Lohéas, member of CCAS.

A photo of Bernadette graced the center of each table in the 2 dining rooms, making our dear sister present during this festive meal which was served with such care.  The birthday cake was presented with emotion, accompanied by songs and applause.  Our centenarian looked on with a watchful eye.  So sweet, she manages to say “merci”!  All ends with thanksgiving, Bernadette was admirable, she truly deserves a good rest.


Today, is only the beginning of the celebration of her jubilee year.  Tomorrow the party will continue with her community, “Notre Dame de Lourdes”.  In July there will be a celebration with her family who are looking forward to gathering around “their well-loved doyenne”!  May that day soothe the wound of the death of a nephew.  Joys and grief intermingle in our lives!

Thank you, Bernadette, for all that we have lived with you, during your different obediences, we remember well your life given with discretion.  Yes, thank you for the joy of this day!



Yvette Guyot, sscj Maison-Mère