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Over the last few days, there’s a lot of excitement at the Mother House.  The workers are active on the property taking care of trees, bushes, flowers, and grass, in preparation for the celebration.

In the house, in the inner courtyard, the Pie X Hall, chapel, everywhere we see that there is a lot going on.

And then on Saturday morning, a quiet recollective atmosphere is felt.  Tomorrow, June 25th, is the big day: 17 sisters of the Sacred Heart are going to celebrate 50, 60, 70, 75, 80 and 85 years of religious life. It is important that everything is nice for this event and that hearts are prepared to give thanks to the Lord for all the years of welcoming and giving.  And that is why, this Saturday morning, our 17 sisters, accompanied by Father Benoît SEVENIER, Eudiste de la Roche du Theil, prepare themselves to live this great day of celebration in joy.

85 years of religious life
70 years of religious life
50 and 60 years of religious life


On Sunday June 25, the mass, in our chapel beautifully decorated with flowers, was truly a time of praising God:  Cry and shout for joy! Sing of Yahweh for his works are majestic!”  The choir, “The Voice of the Pines”, supported the singing at the Mother House. Their present director, Véronique, along with the chorists offered Sister Agnès Oillaux a surprise gift with their singing presence at mass.

After the jubilarians renewed their vows, followed by the other sisters of the Sacred Heart, it was the Associates turn to renew their commitment.

As we left the chapel, Emile Dolo, deacon of Malestroit, played a magnificent piece of organ music, to lead us out to the inner courtyard where we shared in an aperitif with the Jubilarians, before making our way to Pie X Hall.  And here, as well, artists had been at work to make each table look festive with a harmony of colours that whet our appetites!

Time went by quickly during the meal that was well prepared, organized and served with smiles from the staff.  It was a wonderful time for fraternal sharing and the animation encouraged relaxation.

Yes, it was a joyful day that invited us to “Open pathways of the Gospel and set out on new roads.” 




Sr. Armelle Guillemaud, sscj  Mother House