Pope Francis’ Apostolic letter “Aperuit illis” established that the Third Sunday of Ordinary Time is to be devoted to the celebration, study and spreading of the Word of God. Although we hear the Word of God each day, as individuals or communities, the Pope insists on the need to grow in intimate familiarity with the Word of God. In fact, God created us by his Word and our true identity is rooted in the Divine Word. The Word of God is the irrefutable reference that brings us back to our essence: we are sons and daughters of God. What do we really hope for in our Religious Life? To become more and more like Jesus. We are surely all aware of the contradictory events happening in our world, our Church, and even in our Congregation. Meditating on and proclaiming the Word of God every day helps us to discover our true identity as consecrated women. As we draw daily nourishment from the Word of God, let us not be afraid to plant the seeds of Hope. They will surely  flower.

Sister Roselys