At the beginning of April we received an article from Anne Chapell –General Superior- in the middle of a lockdown caused by a coronavirus that has attacked and upset the whole world. The article lead us to reflect on certain elements that stood out for us and gave meaning to what we are living during this pandemic. This inspirational article enlightens and questions us.

Yes, COVID-19 has brought chaos to our lives and especially to our schedules. We realised that it is no longer time to be “doing, doing, doing”, BUT it is much more important to have time for BEING. Simply “BEING” day after day.

This halt in time has allowed us to finalize our community project that has been simmering over several months. In the article we discovered truths that confirmed and connected with what we had chosen to live in our community project.

On a Thursday, when we regularly share on the upcoming Sunday liturgical texts, we decided to make Anne’s article the subject of our “community sharing” in the same way we do the “Word of God” by attentively reading, reflecting, praying on and exchanging our reflections and findings. What emerged?

a) Aspect of interdependence: “Obeying strict health measures is the first step on the ladder of obedience to God.”
b) We are part of the larger community that is humanity. There is a song that says, “No man is an island and no man stands alone”. Our actions have repercussions on others, whether it be my companion, my neighbour, my country and even the planet. “Does our religious vow of obedience not start by being a good citizen… for the good of the greatest number?”.
c) Our responsibility, in the face of the spreading virus, is to follow the directives of our governments. By the voice of our country leaders, the Lord simply asks us to “stay home”, “wash our hands” and not become vectors of transmission. That is an enlightened obedience… I obey for the greater good of all.
d) That is our response as citizens, Christians and as religious and as Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
e) For us, humility is lived day after day, whether in our local community, Province, between communities and in all the entities of the Congregation.

What richness!

Thank you Anne for having shared words that give meaning to our personal and community actions.

Lorraine Lachance, Louise Letarte and Denise Blouin
Community: Mimosa Street, Ottawa, Canada