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This Saturday, the 26th of October, the party continued with the Blain family well represented. After giving thanks during the Eucharist with the community, the “festivities” moved to the sisters’ community room, well decorated thanks to some talented people. In a warm and relaxed atmosphere, Angèle could probably feel God winking at her, making her continually say, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!


So many memories were brought back, filled with life and humour to animate the day! What wonders were told!

Angèle has joined the centenarian club of the Mother House. We wish for her continued dynamism and exceptional health!

Thank you, Angèle!


And Angèle said, Thank you!

Although somewhat emotional and confused with being the “celebrity” of the day, I do want to give substance to a big word welling up in my heart this October 26, 2019.
“Thank you” is the big word.

First of all, a big Thank you to my dear Parents for their exemplary life, filled with dedication.
“Thank you” to my extended family, always loving and united.

“Thank you” to the Lord, who saw fit to call me to his service in religious life where my happiness has been complete (I dare say this in full honesty); but happy thanks to who again?

Thanks to the Sisters of the Sacred Heart; sisters of yesterday and today, to whom I also express a profound “Thank you”.
To everyone, I repeat, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

In the end, my 100 years went by fast. Please join with me in singing the refrain:

Who gives us life
O hear our prayer
That says: THANK YOU”