Since March 17, we have been in lockdown. We stay at home and only go out when necessary. We take protective measures and respect the government directives. Here in North Cameroon we are lucky to continue to have Eucharistic celebrations. In this way we are in communion and prayer with those who can’t go to mass. We live this period of time with serenity. We take time to read a book, repair our clothes or sew; in one part of the house we notice a sister praying the rosary, another is busy organizing. When it is time for us to go out we put our masks on. The schools are closed. All of a sudden I am unemployed. But I still prepare activities and my lessons, always hoping that school will start again soon.

We copy the way you manage this health crisis. For example, we follow courses on the television. A lot of families don’t have a radio. The people find it difficult to follow health guidelines.

This time allows families to spend more time together. For the children, they are happy to be with their mother and father. Every evening we follow the news on the television.

You have to admit that the heat helps. In this part of the Country, we haven’t had any cases. But when rainy season comes we may be in for a surprise because the people are not aware of the risks that they take. They barely follow the government directives.

This gives you a bit of an idea of how we are living this world crisis. Have a good day talk to you soon!

Sr. Annie-Aurore.