Associates in Mission:

Over the last several years our Associate friends: Jacques and Marie-Annick Hervieux make their way faithfully to Madagascar to provide multiple services to the sisters of the region. While Marie-Annick devotes herself to different household tasks and gives French lessons, Jacques meticulously, as he is known to do, makes furniture to help set up communities: bedside tables for the rooms in the new house in Antsirabe, an altar for the Ambositra community, and so many other things, …

Entrance to the postulancy in Antsirabe:

The harvest is plenty, and the Lord continues to call young women to work in his field.

On September 29, 2023 (anniversary of the profession of our Foundresses in 1828) during a Eucharistic celebration presided by Father Michel Helpa, 5 young women entered the postulancy: Aimée Arsène, Marie-Louise, Nianjara Miandry, Claudine, and Rufine.



This step, that marks the beginning of a young woman’s journey in the Congregation of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, is also a step in discernment to make a free and mature choice. It is important to note that despite difficult beginnings, all the young women are confident and give themselves totally to this adventure with the Lord who calls them to follow him.

Thank you to each sister of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, who gives of herself to promote vocations in our congregation. And a special thank you to our elderly sisters in the Northern entities who pray for and accompany vocations in our congregation, according to their capacities and possibilities. Together, with Angélique Le Sourd and her companions, let us continue to ask Jesus to call even more young people for his harvest.

Laying of the foundation stone in Antsirabe:

On August 22, 2023, there was the blessing and laying of the foundation stone of the house for annual retreats for the sisters of the region of Madagascar.

Objective: Being that the number of sisters in the Region of Madagascar is increasing more and more, it is quite expensive for the sisters to do their annual retreat in spiritual centers.  Having our own house costs less and is more advantageous, given the number of sisters and the lived reality. With the support and agreement of the General Council, this project finally saw the light of day on August 22, 2023.  The mass was presided by the diocesan administrator, Father Jeannot Martial, followed by the benediction and laying of the first stone on the construction site.


The construction is proceeding and to accompany this project all the sisters of the Region say a prayer each day for this specific intention.

With the help of the Virgin Mary, continue to carry this project in prayer.

Inauguration of the new house in Ambositra:

Community Ambositra

Being that the old house became too small for the increasing number of teaching sisters, we had to construct a new building.  It was blessed on May 4, 2022, by Monseigneur Fidelis Rokotonarivo. Some of the sisters of the region, priests from the Diocese, Liva the pastor, as well as lay people and, of course, the architect honored us with their presence at this time of joy and thanksgiving.

School at Ambositra







Srs Naya Joséphine and Robertine