A Litany prayer
Commemorating the Death Anniversary of Angélique Le Sourd
Foundress of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Leader: Today, we commemorate the death of our Foundress, Angelique Le Sourd 184 years ago. On this death anniversary we pause to reflect on the fruitfulness and gift of her life. It is in and through her that we inherit a certain way to follow Christ, a way marked with humility, simplicity and compassion.

1. Angelique “was Providence made visible for the suffering and needy.”
Angelique, woman who resembled the Heart of Jesus, pray for us.
2. Her love “knew no discrimination; it extended towards everybody, even toward her worst enemies.”
Angelique, woman of peace and reconciliation, pray for us.
3. “When Angelique heard that any of the parishioners were in sorrow, she made it her duty to go and see them; if she did not find them at home, she would wait outside the church on the following Sunday. While sympathizing with them in their troubles, she endeavored to console them.
Angelique, woman who listened to God and to God’s people, pray for us.
4. “Among the gifts she had received from God was that of knowing how to console those in sorrow. Those in trouble found it easy to confide in her and did not hesitate to bring her their difficulties.”
Angelique, woman of providence for those who suffered and were in need, pray for us.
5. “All that was superfluous to her needs she devoted to the poor whom she looked upon as her brothers and sisters and in whom she saw the suffering members of Jesus Christ.”
Angelique, woman of solidarity with the poor and marginalized, pray for us.
6. For Angelique and her companions, God is present everywhere and in all things as the God of Love. Women of faith, they lived their call in trust and abandonment to Divine Providence.
Angelique, woman who found God in all things, pray for us.

Let us pray:

We come before you, Lord.
Give us a listening and humble heart, a spirit of tenderness to encounter others with the Presence of Love. We thank you for the gift of Angelique Le Sourd and her charism to the Church. May we, her daughters, Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, embody her gift of nearness with a heart open to the world. Lead us on the path of availability and accompaniment, near to ordinary and displaced persons, and to those who long for healing and transformation. And we will follow in your mission and in the footsteps of Angelique to be women of tenderness and mercy revealed in Jesus. Amen.

Province of the USA
November 16, 2019